Oct 21 17

When to buy airline tickets?

There really is no hard and fast rule on the best time to buy international airline tickets.

However, there are some general trends to be aware of when looking for cheap air tickets.

Peak season and holiday weekends will have the most demand, so expect higher prices. You can, however, stack the odds in your favor by buying at a certain time.

There was an analysis of 560 million flight searches that found that optimal time to buy is on average 7 weeks in advance (for domestic flights). Others have suggested a sweet spot of between 3-7 weeks in advance.

The WORST time was within 14 days of flying, or too far in advance, more than 5 months.

For international flights, the study found the sweet spot is 11-12 weeks prior to departure. As for which day of the week to buy on, they suggest no particular day was better than the other and buying on a Tuesday and Wednesday was somewhat of an urban legend.